5. August 2021

Online Event: „Campaigning for Change – Elections in Denmark and Germany“

August 12, 7 pm CEST

Elections are coming up in Denmark and Germany! While there will be the federal elections in Germany in September, local elections in Denmark will be held in November.

As leftist youth organizations, campaigning is one of our main tools to advocate for change. Arguing against right-wing statements, social media skills, how to mobilize activists and grow as a movements – no matter where we live, there are skills political activists everywhere need!

Grüne Jugend from Germany and SFU from Denmark invite you to their online-seminar „Campaigning for Change“ on 12th of August at 7 pm CEST! We will discuss campaign skills, socialize and exchange our political perspective on the upcoming elections.

Be there to…

  • join a panel discussion with Anna Peters, Grüne Jugend‘s spokesperson and Hannah Katharina Hjorth, SFU‘s secretary for internal schooling
  • learn from experienced activists: how to run a successful campaign on social media and how to react to right-wing arguments
  • meet and socialize with activists from a leftist youth organization of another country.

Come and join the international struggle for radical change!

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